Pets Supplies 

We have a wide selection of grooming supplies, supplements, and toys for your beloved pet! 


Lawn and Pasture Seeds


Pasture Seeds: 

 Kentucky 31, Orchard grass, Red clover, White clover, Timothy climax, Alfalfa,  Hybrid grain sorghum, Winter rye. Pasture mixes that include various hardy seeds that do well for pastures in our area are available year round.

Lawn Seed: 

 Kentucky blue grass, Perennial rye, Annual rye, Creeping red fescue, Champion 3+3 turf type tall fescue, Jaguar III turf type tall fescue, Fine lawn turf type tall fescue, Falcon turf type tall fescue, 5 way turf blend, Premium Lawn mix. 

We carry bagged fertilizer blends, lawn and pasture weed control, and have a selection of garden and wildlife food plot seeds. 

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Horse tack and supplies

We have a wide selection of quality horse tack, supplies, and supplements for your equine companion. 



Bird & Wildlife 

Sunflower seed (black oil), Fancy mix, Sunflower seed (striped), Niger seed (thristle) finch food, Golden finch mix, Scratch grains (cracked corn, whole milo, whole wheat) Singing good (cracked corn, milo, millet, wheat, sunflower, vegetable oil), Safflower seed, Flax seed, Large ear corn, Supreme wild bird food (with fruits and nuts, no corn), Golden source premium blend. 

We carry quality food plot seeds and blends from Missouri Southern Seed Co. We also carry specialty food plot seeds from Imperial Whitetail.